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Our last training camps were completely booked out.
Register early to ensure your desired date in 2023.

Training Camps 2023 :

  • 21.05. – 26.05.2023
  • 28.05. – 02.06.2023

Interested? Send us an email to we will send you all further details. Due to the high demand we recommend a early registration.


Did you know that you are only a few steps away from your dream job?

Start your new job with ATRACT and a 100% job guarantee with a cool employer and a fantastic country in Austria’s hotel sector and gastronomy. In our 5-7-day training camps, we prepare you with great responsibility and efficiency for your job in Austria with our innovative ATRACT program! And the best part is that you are not alone – you become a member of our ATRACT community, where you can spend your free time with new peers and find friends. Besides, by participating in our ATRACT training plan, you will gain a focus on practical German language skills and get much information about life in Austria. All this and more, combined with the practical training, promises you a good start in your working life.

Profit from a certification

After completing our training camp, you will get a certificate of attendance. ATRACT will provide your future employers with written feedback about your skills and competencies and those you gained through us. After the training camp, you will be employed by one of our ATRACT employers depending on your qualifications and your preferences. You will get to know your future employers during the training camp and can decide on your own which employer suits you best.

Might be interesting for you as well

We have our crewscouts who are in different countries on-site to provide you with all the important primary information and who will be pleased to explain to you everything in detail.

Jean-Yves in Belgien

Valeria und Verónica Rumachella in Argentinia

Bartolo in Italy · Tel.: 0043 676 749 26 68

Marisa Galapito in Portugal · Tel.: 0043 512 259 260 37

Julian Dutu in Rumänien · Tel.: 0040 720 831 719

Other countries · Tel.: 0043 664 514 57 34

ATRACT-Philosophie im Trainingscamp
  • auf Augenhöhe
  • Praxisbetrieb statt Schulbetrieb
  • Fordern und Fördern
  • Feedbackkultur
  • Mentoring
  • Zusammenarbeit im Trainerteam
  • besondere Herausforderungen durch grenzüberschreitendes Projekt
Meet us personally

Furthermore, you have the chance to get to know us personally right now and we will inform you about our innovative ATRACT program for respectful and successful working relationships in our online meeting “ATRACT your job“. This is our FREE information exchange every last Wednesday of the month at 4 pm, where we are available to answer all your questions. It’s easy to join the next meeting: just click on ATRACT your job and register. Enter, start your camera and microphone and let’s go!

Take the chance!

Register now to our last free places left and start your career with ATRACT! The training camp includes free of extra charge 100 hours of training and accommodation in a hotel including meals. With the program, you receive a job qualification plus a 100 % employment guarantee. Reliable and productive.

Interested? Send us a private message or an e-mail and you will receive all further information. We are looking forward to you!

ATRACT philosophy in the training camp
  • At eye level
  • Practice instead of school
  • Demand and encourage
  • Feedback culture
  • Mentoring
  • Cooperation in the trainer team
  • Cross-border project poses special challenges
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Pia Hernegger
Community & Crew
Phone. +43 512 259 260-12

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