Austria’s ATRACT employers have fantastic jobs on offer for keen, motivated people in the hotel sector and gastronomy.

Find the right job for you, fast and with peace of mind. We don’t just arrange jobs; we also make sure that everything functions as it should – to ensure you enjoy a successful start in your new job. For us it’s important to find you an employer that you’ll thrive with. A WIN-WIN situation for both!


Training camp

We find the right job for you in tourism

Apply now and find the RIGHT job for you!

  • Register
  • Complete the questionnaire
  • Enter your preferred job
  • Contact our crew scout


We train you for your job in tourism

Prepare for your new job in our ATRACT training camp!

  • Individual special skills training
  • German course
  • Living in Austria
  • Receive an ATRACT qualification certificate


We support you in an exciting job in Tourism

Take advantage of the help and support offered by the ATRACT community!

  • Coaching on the job
  • A contact person for questions/assistance
  • Become an ATRACT community member
  • Make new friends

How you become part of our ATRACT crew
As an ATRACT employee
  • you receive support and guidance all the way from your home country to your new ATRACT employer
  • you receive training and instruction in preparation for your job and residence in Austria in our ATRACT training camp run by ATRACT
    trainers and coaches
  • you receive free board and lodging throughout the entire training period – financed by ATRACT
  • you receive an ATRACT Certificate following the successful completion of the training camp
  • we help you plan your career
  • we offer support in finding the ideal ATRACT employer for you
  • you’re a member of a friendly community that offers a helpline and personal feedback
  • we visit you at your place of work – ATRACT offers you and your employer
  • guidance and support to ensure everyone is happy
  • you are required to send us your job application documents and a copy of proof of your nationality (passport or ID) in advance
  • you are obliged to substantiate the seriousness of your interest in working in Austria (regardless of whether you’re seeking a winter, summer or year-round job) by transferring a fee of € 250 into our account (before the training camp). After commencing employment a second fee of € 300 to cover our administrative costs is payable – this will be deducted from your first wage
  • you confirm that you possess health and accident insurance coverage or you may apply to ATRACT for assistance in this matter
  • you are required to make your travel arrangements in good time to ensure you arrive punctually by day 1 of the training camp and to
    send us a copy of your travel booking documents
  • ATRACT stands for long-term, sustainable partnerships.
  • ATRACT is a private initiative developed and founded by experienced tourism professionals, service providers and experts.
  • ATRACT is a service-providing cooperative that advocates fair cooperation and aims to assist and support its members. Our goal is to systematically counteract the shortage of workers in the hotel sector and gastronomy in a long-term, forward-looking manner.
  • The ATRACT initiative not only promises viable employment relationships, but also supports these with training and coaching for employers and employees alike.
Minimum requirements for ATRACT employers

(extract from the legal framework)

  • Fairness program is being completed
  • Overtime is paid out or by time compensation (calculation period)
  • Requirement profiles and job descriptions for each job are formulated in writing
  • There is a direct contact person for every employee (e.g. supervisor)
  • Working hours are divided weekly on the duty roster
  • The company offers adequate accommodation for employees
  • The company helps you to find adequate accommodation
  • The company offers free meals and break rooms