Finding, training and ensuring the long-term engagement of the RIGHT employees with the RIGHT talents/skills for the RIGHT jobs with the RIGHT employers at the RIGHT time
the RIGHT employees
the RIGHT skills
the RIGHT employers
the RIGHT time
the RIGHT jobs

Recruiting in the EU by our ATRACT-Crew Scouts.
We find the right employees and the right jobs. Our Crew Scouts recruit and select with the ATRACT guide who will become a future ATRACT employee.

  • with EU-wide ATRACT cooperations
  • (Crew Scouts, tourism schools, employment offices)
  • ATRACT-platforms
  • ATRACT-community

We train the right skills in all areas.
At the ATRACT-training camp, employees learn professional, language, personal and country-specific skills. ATRACT-employees are well prepared for a good start.

  • with certified trainers and coaches
  • intensive, practical and goal-oriented
  • daily specialized practice hours (service, kitchen, housekeeping)
  • modular ATRACT training plan (life in Austria, profession, language, personality, law, …)
  • community I integration

Coaching on the job and the ATRACT-community.
We accompany & coach employees and employers Matching & bonding – we also accompany after the job start. This is the basis for long-term and sustainable working relationships.

  • With EU-wide ATRACT cooperative partnerships (crewscouts, tourism schools/colleges, employment offices)
  • ATRACT-platforms
  • ATRACT-community