For sustainable, long-term employment relationships

The unique, innovative ATRACT model comprises an all-embracing programme which, in a multi-stage process, offers fast support ‘where the shoe pinches most’ (shortage of workers) and, at the same time, focuses on the source of the problem (attractiveness of the workplace).

ATRACT has set the following as its goals …

  • Ensuring the future of Austria’s hotel sector and gastronomy
  • Creating a sufficiently large pool of available and skilled workers
  • Promoting sustainable, long-term employment relationships
  • Improving the sector’s image and increasing the appeal of its jobs
  • Supporting the continued development of the hotel sector and gastronomy by offering an expert view

Our philosophy

The ATRACT initiative not only promises viable employment relationships, but also supports these with training and coaching for employers and employees alike. Thanks to strong networks, ATRACT is able to attract workers from EU countries with high unemployment rates to Austria and, through tailored training courses, to make them employable specifically in the hotel sector and gastronomy. To this aim the team of ATRACT coaches provides specially developed language courses, skills training and integration programmes, as well as day-to-day practical work experience.

ATRACT board members

Mag. Karin M. Kirchmair-Lindner
Gründerin & Vorstand

Alexander Prachensky
Gründer & Vorstand

Josef Kirchmair
Gründer & Vorstand
Gewerbepark 3
6068 Mils